I do my best to be available and open to contact through several different channels. I'm happy to engage in conversation with the community, make comments to media on technology and leadership and respond to inquires about speaking opportunities.


E-mail is a great way to get a hold of me or setup a meeting. I do get a lot of e-mail but I usually reply within one business day to legitimate inquires. If you want to work with me or tretton37 you can also reach me at

I don't reply to e-mail that feel like spam, mass mailing or sales of goods or services I'm not interested of buying.

  Twitter: @m_mazur

I'm pretty active on Twitter - it's my way of engaging with the broader community of software professionals. Please follow me there and engage in discussions. I do read my DMs and they are open for everyone, even people I don't follow.

  LinkedIn: /in/mazur

I regularly post things on LinkedIn and I'm fairly active in engaging with discussions on tech leadership and business. My profile is open to follow but I only accept connections from people I've met, worked with, spoken with or otherwise had enough interaction to feel that I can call them a professional contact. If you want to connect start by following me and engaging in discussions.

  Instagram: @m_mazur

I have an Instagram. I sometimes post more casual thing there especially during events or conferences. Feel free to follow me but if you want to talk e-mail or twitter might be a better option.