7 Things Technical Leaders can Learn from Disney Princesses

When does learning happen? Is it at work? In the classroom? At the conference?

Yes! And everywhere else. We can't shut off learning, and we can't stop ourselves from seeing the connection in everyday things.

That is what my talk "7 Things Technical Leaders Can Learn from Disney Princesses" is really about.

From Raya's relentless pursuit of unity in "Raya and the Last Dragon" to Rapunzel's determination to explore the world beyond her tower in "Tangled," if you let them, these stories can be more than just fairy tales.

Throughout the talk, I shared seven critical lessons drawn from the courage, perseverance, and resourcefulness of Disney Princesses. These insights, paired with memorable songs (performed by other courageous speakers at Copenhagen Developer Festival 2023), are designed to stick with you, helping you navigate the challenges of technical leadership.

Whether you're leading a small team or overseeing a large tech department, there's something magical about finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. So, dive into the world of Princesses and uncover the leadership treasures.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

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