The Leaders Leap - When your work becomes about people

Embarking on the journey of technical leadership can be a daunting yet rewarding leap for seasoned software professionals. In this talk, I share what happens when you plunge into tech leadership. I draw on my evolution from a developer to a leader, manager, and co-founder, breaking down the elements of this journey.

I start by addressing that familiar feeling of "What if I could make a bigger impact?" and then explore the profound shift when one leaps into technical leadership. I review the skills required for this transition and highlight the intangibles you should carry along and the hurdles you will likely face. The talk serves as a roadmap, guiding individuals through the hurdles they might encounter and offering strategies to conquer them.

This session is for those contemplating or already on the path of becoming technical leaders. I share the lesson I wish I had received when he started my journey.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

I remove internal friction between tech & business, improving collaboration so you can ship better products.