Leading Tech Teams in Uncertain Times

In this talk, we examine the global effects that force us to reason differently about how we organize and lead people and we go through a series of valuable skills for leaders in this new climate, especially tech leaders.

The question is simple how do we make the most of what we have? How do we take the initiative and thrive rather than just survive?

The answer is closer than you might think. To realize the full potential of our teams, we first need to reshape leadership. This means building trust, leading with context, and moving from output-driven to outcome-driven work. However, the real change is in the team culture and how we view work - what can we do to create products our customers love?

To thrive in uncertainty, we need to increase our chances of building the right things, which means working, thinking, and leading differently; by doing this, we can realize the full potential of our teams and create better products with the people and resources at hand.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

I remove internal friction between tech & business, improving collaboration so you can ship better products.