The Empowered Software Engineer - unlocking engineering potential

If you or your team spend most of their time writing code, you are most likely a feature factory. The chances are that you are not using the full potential that exists in your team, and the chances are that the product, and by extension, the users, are paying the price.

The best teams in the world have known for a long time that great software is not only about great code; it's also about solving the users' problems in a great way that works for our organization.

Becoming an empowered team or an empowered engineer means solving problems rather than shipping features. It means caring about the product, user, and strategy. And it might mean that you and your team need to learn a few new skills. It might also mean you need to rethink what your job is about.

The engineer's future is not only about code and architecture but also design, leadership, sales, and marketing. It's about using technology to create products users love.

This talk looks into the mindset change and skills required to create teams of empowered software engineers.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

I remove internal friction between tech & business, improving collaboration so you can ship better products.