Scaling Agile with Joakim Sundén

As agile adoption has become mainstream, the question of how we bring our fundamental values and concepts to a larger mass is inevitable. For years organizations have been battling with the idea of taking agile beyond single teams to larger development organizations and entire enterprises. Some have cracked what works for them, and others are still searching.

I had the chance to sit with Joakim Sundén, who was in the trenches when Spotify grew its unique flavour of agile. We discuss when to scale, why to scale and what it means to integrate an agile culture.

Before our chat, Joakim gave his talk "Agile Transformations Using the "Spotify Model": Lessons from the Trenches", where he shows some examples of what worked and didn't work in other organizations when driving a Spotify inspired approach to agile.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

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