Code that harms - is it my fault? Panel Discussion

We are putting more and more trust into software and letting it run things - how great is that? But what about the flip side? What happens if a self-driving car kills a person, who should be held accountable?

Who should stay awake at night thinking “that could have been prevented, if…” Is it the business, is it the media, is it the law, is it a developer? Who is the one who should carry that ultimate burden of responsibility to make sure unethical things don’t happen. Who is the one to make sure that power of software does come with a great responsibility?

Watch the panel discussion with Johan Jörgensen, Sara Öhman, Dr Claire Ingram Bogusz, Jen Looper, Raúl Gerardo Rodriguez Quintana and Martin Mazur - moderated by Elin Ahldén.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

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