Please Don't Kill Me!

Over the last 250 years we've made leaps in technology and the last 70 years have especially accelerated this. Today we are dependent on technology, and more specifically software, for doing most things in our live - everything from communicating, banking to traveling. We are so comfortable with technology in our lives that there are no fail safes, no fallback. This means that the quality of our life is directly dependent on the quality of the software that surrounds us - and in some cases actually our life is dependent on it.

This is why the work we do is so important - but have we fully understood this?

Does everyone involved in delivering software understand the consequences of cutting corners or doing things in not, yet, proven ways? What is pushing the envelope worth - is it worth lives?

This talk outlines the history of digital technology, the crisis our industry is in currently and demonstrates how poor decision, even with good intentions, can cost lives. It also suggest how we can, and should, be better.

Extended Live Stream Version with Q&A

Here is an extended live stream version of the talk with some content that did not make the cut + audience Q&A.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

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