Are you a sustainable technologist? with Drew Engelson

What can the software industry do to help the environment?

There is a lot of theory, yet only a few people and teams have put this into practice. That's why I was thrilled to listen to Drew Engelson from Starbucks shares his insight on how his team improved its sustainability.

What made it even better is that Drew's team is not a special sustainability team - Drew is "just" an engineer that builds things or supports his teams in building things, yet he made a difference at Starbucks. This means you can make a difference, too!

Every technologist can participate in turning the tide on climate change by being carbon-aware and deliberately considering carbon in everyday decisions.

Later in the session, I joined Drew for a moderated panel discussion with Sofia Larsson, and we touched on many questions, such as the actual impact we can expect and greenwashing.

Martin Mazur

Martin Mazur

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